Ontario Oil, Gas & Salt Resources Library Service/User Fees

Fee Schedule

Membership Fees

Annual fee – corporate $1,925/year
Annual fee – individual $660/year

Membership Application

User Fees



Use of Core & Cuttings Room No fee $20/hour
Exclusive Private Use of Room $300/day
Use of File & Library Research Room No fee $10/hour


Standard copying charge
(self serve photocopy, custom staff e-mail, pdf)
25¢/copy 50¢/copy
Geophysical log copying on paper bond $4.75/m $6.50/m

Research and Data Retrieval

Clerical Research & Labour $30/hour $45/hour
Digital Research, GIS, & Data queries $55/hour $80/hour

Digital Products and Services

Unlimited Online Log Viewing - $500/year
Ontario Digital Base Maps (GIS) - Free Member Download (Members only)
GIS (shape file) coverage of Southern Ontario.
Digital Surface Data (petroleum well - DBF) FREE, click here to download
Well location and historical information for over 26,000 wells.
Digital Subsurface Data (petroleum well - DBF)
• Member $4,000
• Non-Member $6,900
• Unlimited Annual Updates $300 (first year included with dataset, members only)
Digital tables with oil, natural gas, water, casing, logging and geological formation intervals.
Geophysical Logs
$10.00/image (TIFF)
$15.00/smart raster (depth calibrated TIFF)
$20.00/LAS curve
Digital Rock Core Photography
$10.00/Box, Includes 3 photos per box:
  • UV fluorescence
  • Dry core
  • Wet core
Photos taken at 36 megapixels. All photos are perfectly aligned for digital blending allowing for digital spray bottle and virtual UV lamp effects. Choose your formats: RAW, TIFF, JPEG, PNG...


Pool & Pipelines of Southwestern Ontario $75.00
Oil and gas pools, underground storage and major pipelines map at 1:400,000 scale.
Well Location Maps GIS E-size plot (user defined area) $50.00
Well Location Maps GIS D-size plot (user defined area) $25.00
Well spots for over 26,000 wells plus roads and water lines at any scale.
Plot of client provided maps or images, up to E-size $25

Spacing Orders

Free Spacing Orders in PDF format, click here to download.
E-size plot - $50.00

Well Licence Fees

Oil Well 50¢/m3 oil, minimum $100 per operator
Natural Gas Well 15¢/103 m3 gas, minimum $100 per operator
Natural Gas Storage $250/well
LPG Storage $250/well
Solution Mining $250/well
Observation Well $100/well
Brine Producing Well $100/well
Brine Disposal Well $0
Forms 3 and 8 are due on February 15th of each year and should detail all active and non-active wells for the previous year. Forms and payment are to be submitted, and made payable to, the Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Trust.

Sample Processing Fees - New Wells

Cuttings Bagged and Unwashed 90¢/meter for vertical and deviated section of wells
Cuttings Bagged and Unwashed 45¢/meter for horizontal section of wells
Cuttings Washed and Vialed 60¢/meter for vertical and deviated section of wells
Cuttings Washed and Vialed 30¢/meter for horizontal section of wells

Full Diameter Core

Delivered, unslabbed $30/meter
Delivered, slabbed to Library specification1 $10/meter


Exclusive use of Core & Cuttings Room - $300.00/day
Shipping & Handling - $15 plus postage
Shipping & Handling applies to all products not picked up at the OGSRL

Fee Schedule

Membership Application

For company members, all employees are entitled to benefit from reduced members' fees. Individual memberships, however, allow only the person registered for a membership to benefit from members' fees.

All revenues stay with the Ontario Oil, Gas & Salt Resources Library to maintain and improve the facilities and data.

1Core Slabbing Specification

Core slabbed to OGSR Library specifications is packed in wax infused cardboard boxes that are no greater in length than 660mm (26 inches), have a width of 216mm (8.5 inches), and a height of 40mm (1.5 inches); each box containing at least 1.2 metres of core (2 rows) but no more than 2.6 metres of core (4 rows). The core face must be wholly visible to the viewer and not obscured by packaging or other box contents. Contact the OGSR Library for details or modifications to slabbing specification.

For more information, please contact:
Ontario Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Library
669 Exeter Road, London, ON, N6E 1L3
Phone: (519) 686-2772