Research - Projects

Research - Projects

The objective of the Ontario Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Library is to find new ways to enhance petroleum data and to develop innovative means of delivery of that data to members and public in general. In recent years our digital data increased substantially due to advances in technology and a growing interest in Ontario's petroleum industry. Here are the major projects that were under-taken to enrich existing data and to aid research of Ontario's oil and gas reservoirs.

Digitization of Geophysical Logs (2007 - current)

This on-going project involves scanning and digitizing geophysical logs with main focus on gamma ray, neutron and sonic surveys. Over 17,000 scanned logs are available, this represents all logs from the library's files. In early 2012 work will be underway to scan any missing logs found in government archives and make all scans available to members via the website. Scanned images and digitized curves are currently available for purchase.

Production Data (2008 - current)

Some of the most essential and most researched information is the production history of every well ever drilled. This project is nearing completion and the final product will be accessible through this site.

Data Integrity (2008 - 2010)

Data Integrity project was designed to further enhance the quality and improve the accuracy of our main data system. Upon completion of this project the Ontario Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Library has expanded its list of digital products to contour mapping and isopach (formation thickness) mapping of geological formations.

Ontario Petroleum Data System (2001 - 2008)

The Ontario Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Library in conjunction with the Ministry of Natural Resources has been populating the Ontario Petroleum Data System (OPDS) with data, and verifying the file data and well co-ordinates. This project was successfully completed in October 2008.

Targeted Geoscience Initiative (2003 - 2004)

In October, 2003, the Ontario Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Library, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario Geological Survey and Natural Resources Canada entered into a partnership under the Targeted Geoscience Initiative to complete a two-phase project known as Southern Ontario Hydrocarbon Resource Evaluation and Regional Stratigraphic Synthesis. The two phases of work comprise; 1) Hydrocarbon resource evaluation of the Ordovician Trenton-Black River hydrothermal dolomite play in southern Ontario, and 2) Regional stratigraphic correlations.

Part 1 – Hydrocarbon Resource Evaluation

The objective of this part of the Work is to update the evaluation of Ontario’s resources of oil and natural gas which was completed by the Ontario Geological Survey in the early 1980’s. The present study is focussed on assessment of the resources contained in pools discovered in rocks of Ordovician age from 1981 to the end of 2002 and an update of resource additions in previously discovered pools. Most of this phase of the work was contracted to Golder Associates Ltd with contributions by staff of the Ontario Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Library and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Part 2 – Regional Stratigraphic Correlations

The objective of this part of the work is to produce and publish an updated report based on Paper 67-2 of the Ontario Department of Energy and Resources Management entitled “Guide to the subsurface Paleozoic stratigraphy of southern Ontario”. This phase of the Work is a cooperative effort of the Ontario Geological Survey, the Ontario Oil, gas and Salt Resources Library and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

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