The Subsurface Paleozoic Stratigraphy of Southern Ontario

Ontario Geological Survey Special Volume 7

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Ontario Geological Survey Special Volume 7 - Subsurface Paleozoic Stratigraphy

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This Special Volume is an updated and reformatted version of Open File Report 6191, An Updated Guide to the Subsurface Paleozoic Stratigraphy of Southern Ontario. Improvements and additions have been made in several areas, including new figures, an expanded discussion of the basement geology, some revisions to Silurian stratigraphy, correction of errors and omissions, expansion of the bibliography to include geological references published in the conference proceedings volumes of the Ontario Petroleum Institute, modernization of the stratigraphic chart by incorporating International Union of Geological Sciences standard time divisions and reorganization and reformatting of the cross sections. The volume has also been enhanced by the addition of several dozen colour photographs of drill core and outcrops directly into the text where they are most useful and immediately available to the reader, and also by the addition of auxiliary outcrop information. All of these changes are intended to enhance the usefulness of the volume as a reference volume and practical guide to the subsurface Paleozoic rocks of Southern Ontario for use by working geoscientists.


Ontario 3D Stratigraphy


T.R. Carter
Chief Geologist, Petroleum Resources Centre, Ministry of Natural Resources, London, Ontario.

D.K. Armstrong
Geoscientist, Sedimentary Geoscience Section, Ontario Geological Survey, Sudbury, Ontario.

Ontario Geological Cross Sections