Metric Conversion Chart

To Convert: Into: Multiply by:
barrels cubic meters 0.158987
barrels U.S. gallons 42
cubic feet cubic meters 0.028328
cubic meters cubic feet 35.3145
cubic meters U.S. gallons 264.2
cubic meters barrels 6.28994
cubic meters (crude oil, light) Gigajoules (energy content) 38.51 *
thousand cubic feet cubic meters 28.32
Imperial gallons cubic meters 0.004546
Imperial gallons U.S. gallons 1.20094
liters U.S. gallons 0.2642
U.S. gallons barrels 0.02381
U.S. gallons cubic meters 0.003785
U.S. gallons Imperial gallons 0.83267
U.S. gallons liters 3.78533
gigajoule Mcf (thousand cubic feet of natural gas at 1000 Btu per cubic foot) 0.95 *
thousand cubic feet (Mcf) gigajoules 1.05 *
gigajoule barrels of oil 0.165 *
* see National Energy Board website
centimeters inches 0.3937
feet meters 0.3048
inches centimeters 2.54
kilometers miles 0.6214
meters feet 3.28084
miles kilometers 1.609344
Land Units
acres hectares 0.404686
hectares acres 2.4710
kilograms pounds 2.205
pounds tonne 0.00045
pounds kilograms 0.4536
tonne pounds 2204.62
kilopascals (kPa) pounds per square inch (psi) 0.145038
pounds per square inch (psi) kilopascals (kPa) 6.894757


m3 cubic meters
103m3 thousand cubic meters
Mcf thousand cubic feet (of gas)
MMcf million cubic feet
Bcf billion cubic feet
Bcfe billion cubic feet of gas equivalent
Tcf trillion cubic feet
Boe barrel of oil equivalent
Mboe thousand barrels of oil equivalent
MMboe million barrels of oil equivalent
Mbbls thousand barrels
MMbbls million barrels
NGLs Natural gas liquids One barrel of oil is the energy equivalent of six Mcf of natural gas.