Subsurface Geology and Petroleum Well Data

This is the same data used internally by OGSR Library to produce all of our mapping, queries, tables, and charts. It powers all of the tables, well cards, and well maps available through the website.

Highlights include a complete set of geological formation top picks and initial oil, gas, and water records digitized from the sum of Ontario's 26,000 plus well records.

The subsurface geology tables are the result of decades of work in data entry and most recently a decade long project to improve data quality. It is also the repository for quality assured geological formation top picks gathered during examinations of geological data by partners such as the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario Geological Survey and Geological Survey of Canada.


The data is distributed in MS Access format and a generic CSV format that can be used with any data package.

This data can be used in your geographic information system (GIS) to produce powerful maps and spatial queries. It can be used in 3D mapping software to produce geological structure top maps and isopachs. Make impactful 3D flyovers of structures, plays and reservoirs. Use MS Access or Excel to query, pivot, aggregate, and chart data. Note: No software is provided. Templates for ArcGIS and Manifold GIS are available to members upon special request

The data is for your own internal use and cannot be transferred or sold.

List of Data Tables

This massive data package includes all of the tables used by the OGSR Library on the website and in all other operations. Complete list of tables:

Data Integrity

Data is extracted by OGSR Library from the Ontario Petroleum Data System (OPDS) on a frequent basis. OPDS is an active database used by the government to manage petroleum operations in the province. A decade long partnership project between MNR and OGSR Library updated the geological, engineering, and administrative data in OPDS from paper files. All OPDS records have been reviewed and corrected based on paper documents.

As new data is submitted to MNR it is immediately entered into OPDS. New data will appear in the OGSR Library data sets and on the website once the confidentiality period has elapsed.

MNR and OGSR Library work frequently to ensure the integrity of the millions and millions of data fields contained in the OPDS database. Work to improve the quality of data is always ongoing and a reasonable effort is being made to ensure the accuracy of the data.

In addition to ensuring the digital records of OPDS match corresponding hardcopy records our industry partners also contribute to projects that improve the quality of geological interpretations. Using drill cuttings, geophysical logs, or cores available at the OGSR Library geological formation picks can be validated. Validated picks are stored in the geology database as a portion of the MNR picks and have a special code to indicate they have been reviewed using geological data.


The subsurface data is available for $4,000 for Members and $6,500 for Non-Members. Data can be purchased based on the following: $0.45 per record for Members; and $0.75 per record for Non-Members. Minimum $300 setup charge applies to all custom orders.


Previously purchased data can be updated at greatly reduced rates. The complete set update is $300, for members only.

All fees go to the Oil, Gas & Salt Resources Library to help offset the upkeep of the data and the development of further digital data products.

data desctription

How to Purchase

Data is only available directly from OGSR Library by contacting us. Users will be sent a download link.