Oil & Gas Pools & Pipelines of Southern Ontario - 2017 new!

Oil & Gas Pools - Natural Gas Storage - Past Producing Oil & Gas Pools - Lake Erie Gas Production - Major Gas & Oil Pipelines - Scale 1: 400,000 Last updated in September 2017. Dimensions: height 91cm, width 152cm (36" x 60"). Price: $60.00 CND + tax, shipping and handling.

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pools and pipelines map

Well Location Maps

Various well types, custom scale, dimensions: width 91 cm, height 112 cm (36" x 44"). Price: $50 CDN + tax, shipping and handling. Well location maps are each custom designed to your specifications focusing on any area of interest at any scale that will fit on an Arch E-sized page. Contact us to order.

well location map

Well Locations

Petroleum Resources Centre Land Disposition Map - Lake Erie

The map depicts areas of Lake Erie currently leased by number of companies. Scale 1:500,000, Dimensions: width 70 cm, height 52 cm (28" x 20.5"). Price: $50.00 CND + tax, shipping and handling. Contact us to order.

lake erie land disposition

Other Maps

Geology, Drift Thickness, Bedrock Topography and Geophysics Maps

Airborne Magnetic Survey Maps

Aggregate Resources Inventory Papers (ARIP)

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